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Studio M Academy Partnership - St. François Guadeloupe 

By December 2014, 15 students will start their classes in St François Guadeloupe. The city of St François sought the expertise of Studio M to implement the training. It’s no surprise that the city of St. François turned to Studio M as this school is recognized by the quality of its training, and its excellent international reputation. This project was born from inspiration of the town of St. François to enhance the Guadeloupean cultural heritage through new technology. Studio M plays an important role in this project and is responsible for the program and classes. The school organizes and implements the lessons taught within the structure.  


3D Animation courses 

At the end of the 3D animation courses, future professionals will be able to recreate and develop scenarios and give life to their ideas through software. 3D animators will be able to create portraits and landscapes way beyond imagination. With a strong background in graphic design and 3D animation, the specialists will have everything they need to conquer the job market. 


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