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The Map Festival was held in Toulouse from 1st to 30th September 2015.

The Map Festival is an institution in the field of photography!

Students with a Professional Baccalaureate AMA (A level) in visual communication at Studio M Toulouse were in attendance to see the masterpieces exposed.

Students from Toulouse Art School at the MAP Festival

This year the Map Festival was driven by the theme of the portrait. Thus, hundreds of famous and unfamiliar faces were displayed throughout the city.

Students were able to appreciate the richness and complexity of this photographic style, revealing the soul or simple point of view, by going to the "Lieu", the place where the largest photography exhibition of the city was held in 2015.

There, they were mostly able to discover a series of "der" clichés of the newspaper “Libération” usually placed on the last page and accompanying the portrait of an artist. Renowned in the press, these images were publicly unveiled for the first time during this exhibition.


A great experience for visual communication students

During this event, students from visual communication courses discovered very diverse genres, such as the portrait of stars, anthropometric portrait or even the self-portrait. With their sketch books and pencil in hand the young artists attempted to capture their essences.

Getting to move professionals as well as amateurs is one of the key leitmotifs of this meeting. "From 1 September, the festival no longer belongs to us. It belongs to those who discover it. We always keep the same axis. It is primarily intended for photo enthusiasts, both amateurs and professionals," explained Pierre Garrigues, the director of the event.

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