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The MANAA students present the Drawing Room 2013

MANAA Montpellier-visite exposition-1

For the fifth edition of the contemporarydrawing exhibition in Montpellier, students were able to visit severalexhibition areas presenting the work of numerous artists. The galleries fromlast year were back again, with previously unseen work from new artists ondisplay: Aldebaran (Castries), AL/MA, Aperto, Boite Noire, Iconoscope, HélèneTrintignan, Vasistas (Montpellier), From Point to Point Gallery and the Vigie(Nîmes). The organizers decided to expand the number of pieces being presentedand to raise the number of galleries participating.  The selection of artwork demonstrates thecontemporary creativity in the South of France: the galleries Gourvennec Ogorfrom Marseille and Lieu Commun from Toulouse have rejoined the movement as wellas three Parisian galleries: ALB, Bernard Jordan, Marine Veilleux.


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