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Jacques Exertier conference

Jacques Exertier is the Creative Director of Ubisoft. Yesterday, he spoke at Studio M school to share his experience with Game Design students and Sound Design students from Acfa Multimédia.


Jacques Exertier unveils the secret of the Unicorn

This gaming professional chose to talk with students about a specific example: the creation of the Adventures game: « Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn », for which he took the role of game designer, following the film adaptation.

Through this example, Jacques Exertier wanted to highlight the different stages of creating a video game, and the constraints and opportunities that are linked to it. From his meeting with Steven Spielberg, the film director, and Peter Jackson, producer of the movie to the twists or the imperatives that lead to contradict the scenario, Jacques Exertier talked about every aspect of the creation of a game.


Light on the career of Jacques Exertier

Jacques Cartier began his career in animated series, where he had for mission to animate characters and sceneries. Then, he continued in the field of video games, integrating the team of Rayman 1 as an animator. He kept going with Rayman 2, this time as the director of animation and cinematics.

Mr. Cartier also worked on « Beyond Good and Evil », a game particularly praised by critics and scholars of gaming. « King Kong », « Rayman », « Les lapins crétins » and of course « The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn », complete the list of famous games on which he worked!


Thank you to Jacques Exertier for his intervention at the school of video game of Montpellier.