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Interview with Yannis Kachouri, young graphist

Studio M – Hi Yannis, can you introduce yourself?

Yannis – Hello ! My name is Yannis Kachouri, I’m nearly 23 and I have been studying at Studio M for 5 years now. I have learnt about graphism and its every technical aspect. I first started as an A-level students with Art and Craftmanship speciality, then I choose a Bachelor in Multimedia. For me graphism is more than a job, it’s my passion. I’m very much into drawing. This the reason why I choose this professional path which is very visual.

yannis étudiant studio m

An art-student journey at Studio M

Studio M : How did you select Studio M ?

Y.K. : Before enrolling in Studio M, I was in a regular college but I didn’t enjoy the curriculum. So I decided to enrol in Studio M for 2 reasons: first to be able to stay in Montpellier and secondly to study graphism.

Studio M : What are the main things you like in the school?

Y.K. : First i love the close relationship with my tutors. It allows me to be more confident in my work and it creates a much more enjoyable atmosphere.

Studio M : Which studied-subject did you like the most? 

Y.K. : it has to be DTP programs because I really enjoy creating and putting things in place. I like the technical aspect of it which comes naturally to me.

Studio M : Have you already been able to put your skills into use during an internship or work-experience?

Y.K. : Yes, I did during several internships, at Kokliko Design, and at a serigraphy workshop called Monstershop. That experience allowed me to improve professionally, and gain in speed. It allowed me to see how the relationship between client and creator work and how to answer to the client's demand. I also won a contest with another student held by Montpellier airport. I love graffiti so it was really satisfying for me to create and produce two murals for Montpellier Mediterrannée Airport.

Studio M : Do you have a professional project?

Y.K. : I would love to work as a freelancer in a big city like Paris or London. I want to do graphic design and I don’t want to focus on only one aspect of the job.  I want to answer to all the different demands I could have whether it is a mural or in communication.

Studio M : What do you like the most in graphism ?

Y.K. : My favourite aspect is  researching and drawing. It interests me the most because for me it is the most important part, because you have to develop ideas and perfect them. Then you can see if the client likes it and get feedback.

Studio M : Where do you get your inspiration from?

Y.K. : I’m always on the look out for new work and I am always interested in the  work of other artists. Then I isolate myself and start to work. I am  slow at first  and often take a step back to contemplate and see if something needs changing.

Studio M : What inspired you in Studio M’s new logo ?

Y.K. :  I wanted to have fun with the wave representing  the M in so I look around at graphism around this theme. A lot of people said that they see a mountain but for me it’s more like a wave, between the different generations of student’s.

Studio M : Finally, thanks to the contest you have won a Wacom Intuos tablet. What will be the first thing you will do with it?

Y.K. : Have fun ! I wasn’t expecting the screen to be so big, for sure I will make a good use of it.

Studio M would like to thank Yannis for his time and his creativity.