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Game design students unveil their creation

Second-year students of both Game Art and Game Design courses have presented  their work in front of a captivated audience. The young game designers spent many months working on their video game project. Last week, the students were given the opportunity to present the final result!

On Thursday June 18th, Game Art and Game Design students from Studio M Montpellier, as well as ACFA Multimedia students, presented the results of a year of intensive team work.

Students unveiled their project to an audience made up of teachers, students and professionals of the gaming world. Students then took turns to explain their contribution and detail all the technical specifications.


Cajuns is the name chosen by the students for their video game. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world: the perfect set-up for an adventure full of surprises.

What better ways to present a video game than to propose a small test session? This is what the public was invited to do after the presentation.

While the most important project of the year seems to be over for now, gaming students from Studio M have not said their last word and still wish to perfect their project.