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From street art to game art

Christian Guémy, aka C215 , helped the developers of Ubisoft in their new game " Far Cry 4 ". An extraordinary experience for the artist who was able to design the walls of the virtual city of Kyrat.

C215 is well known in the world of street art for its colorful wall designs that make you forget the grey urban landscape. His transition to the Game Art was unexpected as the artist «hasn’t grabbed a joystick since the Vectrex console in the mid 80’s”. Christian Guémy has been at the center of one of the most anticipated games of 2014.

The artist has accepted to make a contribution to the game because he was seduced by the idea of reaching a new audience. As the player goes through the game, he will have to discover C215’s paintings in order to complete the quest. It is a way for the artist to reach an even wider audience.


A connected art

The game art refers indifferently as an artistic creation from a video game universe and as a creative practice in the field of video game.

Aesthetics as well as quality of the visuals have become key components in the success of a video game. Therefore, there is a strong need from the video game companies to hire professionals with creative and technical profiles.

Studio M offers a course in game art / game design. After completing this course, young professionals will master perfectly all the aspects of artistic creation. Creative and high tech savy, specialists from this curriculum, have the ideal profile for recruiters of the gaming industry.

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