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Dismaland - Banksy latest creation

Lyon Art School invites you to discover the amusement park created by the street artist Banksy.

Within a few days, the small town of Weston Super Mare has become "the place to be". Why? Because Banksy has chosen the small seaside town for its new major exhibition. The seaside town welcomed plenty of art aficionados, as well as the artist's hardcore fans and journalists from around the world. The exhibition is presented as a parody of the famous Disneyland amusement park. The name itself “Dismaland” is a reference to the Walt Disney universe.


An exhibition which in the words of Banksy is: "[...] disjointed, inconsistent and narcissistic [..] " just like our society.

Visitors are greeted by sullen employees to the sound of a raspy Hawaiian music. Throughout their wanderings, they are encouraged to discover the behind the scene of various fairy tales. Designed as a critique of modern society, Dismaland offers a chaotic vision.

The castle is dilapidated, the princess is the victim of a carriage accident while a horde of paparazzi photograph her, the “hook a duckling” rubber ducks are the victims of an oil spill, the carousel horses are turned into lasagna and small electric boats are surrounded by drowning migrants.

Visitors discover with unconcealed excitement, this dark and twisted amusement park where each attraction echoes a social problem. But despite the gloomy atmosphere that seems to reign in the world imagined by Banksy, visitors all seem to dive into the same ecstatic vision.