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Cartcom Contest

For the second year, students of Montpellier Art School take part in the competition launched by the company Montpellier Events, which is specialized in organizing trade fairs, exhibitions, shows and which is in charge of the PR of the Zenith Sud (concert hall).

Montpellier Events launched a contest between three schools; Studio M Montpellier is one of them. The third year students of the Bachelor of Arts Web Designer participated.



Bachelor of Arts Web Designer students’ creation for the Cartcom Contest

Today, advertising postcard is a very popular media in the world of art and communication and is particularly popular within the collectors’ community. The event management company also drew attention of students on this point; to make them understood that they were working on the production of a collector's item.


Students were almost given carte blanche for their creations. However, they still had to meet some demands. Among them:

-       The Zenith of Montpellier had to be easily identifiable, either by name or by its building.

-       A reference to the thirtieth anniversary of the Zenith of Montpellier had to be on the document, without diverting from the main message.

-       The terms "Zenith’s rendez-vous 2016" and "Zenith Sud by Montpellier Events" had to appear on the front page, as well as the logos of the region, the city and the school.

3 distinct visuals had to be presented by student, for a final result of 105 by 150mm.


Competition Cartcom Zenith: good visibility for the winner

In addition to seeing its creation chosen to illustrate Cartcom Zenith, the winner of the competition will benefit from an excellent visibility. Indeed, each cartcom will be published in over 30 000 copies, and displayed over the 120 most touristic spots of Montpellier and Nîmes. The winner’s name will appear on each of them.