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Michael Haneke´s second win at the Cannes Film Festival 2012


Three years later and Haneke is once again claiming victory- this time for his loveable 2012 film “Amour”. He took home his first Palme d´Or in 2009 for “White Ribbon”.

This year´s winner is a French-language film that introduces the viewer to an elderly couple threatened by illnesses, yet powered by love. The octogenarian actors Jean-Louis Trinignant and Emmanuelle Riva were the stars of the film.

Amongst other prizes are

  • Mads Mikkelsen best actor for “the Hunt”
  • Best actress to Cristina Flutur and Cosmina Stratan for “Beyond the Hills”
  • Best director to Carlos Reygadas for “Tenebras Lux”
  • The jury prize went to “The Angel´s Share”
  • The Grand Prize to Matteo Garrone´s satire “Reality”- also the second time this director has won this prize, the first being in 2008.
  • Despite rumors affirming “Holy motors” as the most definite winner, this film starring Kylie Minogue in a cameo appearance did not make it as far as hoped. 

Highlights for Cannes 2012

 - The film 'Bra-et Al Rouh', otherwise known as 'Innocence of the Spirit' tells the story of a relationship between a young Palestinian girl and a homeless man on the streets of Edinburgh. Katherine Abuaglain, a modest seven years old from Edinburgh won a best actress award for the film.

- “The Oath of Tobruk” and “After the battle” both center on the Arab Spring. The first, situated in Libya, takes on a documentary style and the second brings Place Tahrir to the screens revealing what was behind the manifestations in Egypt. 

-Matthew McConaughey has made it into two films at the festival:  “The Paperboy” and “Mud” also starring Reese Witherspoon. 

So, as the 65th year of the Cannes Film Festival draws to an end, here at Studio M, we wish to congratulate all winners and participants.