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Focus on the Radio Host course

A radio host is in charge of a program. In a studio, in front of a microphone, they hold a discussion, interview guests. The main goal? To entertain the listener. And to achieve it, the radio host does not just speak into a microphone, they carefully prepare each emission and carefully follow the news.They create a "formula" which appeals to a great number of listeners.

Being a “people’s person” is of course a "must have" for any good radio host. As they often have to promote artists and share the spotlight. A radio host also has to be witty as they often have to handle the unexpected changes and complicity of live broadcast. But being a good orator is not enough; a radio host must also be dynamic, passionate and tech savvy.


How to become a radio host?

Studio M provides a radio host course. During this one year of training, students will acquire skills and above all experience. During their courses, future radio hosts from Studio M will discover different aspects of the profession. Through lectures, they will develop a radio Culture (different radio formats, History of Music, History of Radio). Practical classes will be an opportunity for young radio host to get a professional expertise. Among other things, students will learn to manage consoles and how to produce jingles and medleys. Practical classes are oriented around professional issues: "How to host a radio play? "" How to make a demo tape? ", "How to develop your own personality on air? ".
Developing the student's career plan is an important aspect of training. Supervised by professionals from the radio world, students will be encouraged to develop their projects. Some courses will focus entirely on preparation for job interviews and creation of CV.

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Our Alumni

There’s no better way to get a fair idea of what to expect during a course than to let Alumni talk about it? Studio M lets you discover what happened at the Alumni. Former students take a look back at their experience at Studio M.

"Only one thing to say: thanks Studio M! I signed a permanent contract with Virgin Radio before finishing my training in radio animation !!! "B. Fayette

"[...] I decided to join Studio M this year and I was hired on NRJ DIEPPE before finishing my year of training, " David LG

"Working in radio, was always my dream ... and Studio M allowed me to realize it, I'm now a journalist for Virgin Radio (Chalon sur Saône). Naamah S

" After a year in Studio M Montpellier - section radio host, I was hired at Radio NOSTALGIE. Without Studio M I'd still be a little animator on a community radio. But thanks to them, I was able to learn, progress, know all the tricks of professional animation radio and now I’m living my dream" Jerome