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Lucky Drawbridge - Bachelor of media Arts in 3D

Watch the new movie directed by Studio M 3D students. Created using computer generated imagery, the movie gives the classical fairy tale an interesting twist. Issue from the collaborative work of 4 students from the Bachelor of media Arts in 3D, this hilarious video is the perfect example of the set of skills developed during their course.

lucky drawbridge studio m lyon

Education values

The futur professionnals have been able through this exercice to tackle each step of the creative process and the production steps , and to show their perfect command of 3D tools. Created with 3D Studio Max, through a rigging process, this exercice allows our students to practice softwares such as Photoshop and After Effect.

An interesting twist

Beyond the technical aspect, Lucky Drawbridge is also an exercise in style. With dark humour and irony the students embark us in a fairy tale adventure. A pot bellied knight, a very unusual steed, and a sadistic princess are the heroes of this modern fairy tale. Those colourful heroes will cross path as the public follow with delight the adventure of the knight and his damsel in distress.

A must-see video for its technical and narrative qualities.

Realisation : Pierrick Leclercq
Artistic Director : Jeremy Frarier
Modelisation : Jeremy Frarier, Quentin Bouchardon, Sébastien Célik
Storyboard : Pierrick Leclercq , Jeremy Frarier
Texturing : Pierrick Leclercq , Jeremy Frarier, Quentin Bouchardon, Sébastien Célik
Animation : Jeremy Frarier
Light : Quentin Bouchardon
Post Production : Sébastien Célik, Pierrick Leclercq
Music and sound: M Patteta & co
Special thanks to : M. Delfau, Mrs Carlier, M.Tixier, M. Maindron and the teaching team of Studio M Lyon

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