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Workshop creation and realization of murals

As part of a week of work supervised by art teacher Mr Tixier, Art foundation course and 3D students were able to practice the creation and implementation of murals.

A Challenge

Within 5 days, young professionals from Lyon art school had to create a large mural in acrylic, 150x250m on the theme of "Adèle Blanc-Sec".

Armed with courage and patience, William Colinmaire, Clement Bianchetti, Thomas Frappart, Swan Donat and Mickaël Faivre-Rampant were able to succeed in the challenge imposed by Mr Tixier .

During the process, not only they have learnt to work in groups on a given subject, but also to draw an illustration from existing drawings by organizing them in order to achieve a consistent result.

Students are proud of their work. Since early February 2015, visitors can see the mural. It is always exciting to see an example of the students work done within the institution.