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Focus on Jeff Koons

 Considered by some to be the new Warhol, Jeff Koons is one of the most popular contemporary artists. His work "Balloon Dog" was auctioned for €38 million, becoming the most expensive piece of art in History. With a retrospective of his works at the Centre Pompidou in November and an exhibition scheduled for January at the Louvre, Jeff Koons has become one of the top artists in his field. Let's take a look back at the career of this subversive genius.

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An artist with various influences

What a Balloon Dog, Lady Gaga, and Popeye have in common? Jeff Koons, of course!

This question, which looks like a joke sums up the career of Koons. His joyous and wild iconography takes us on a journey to an eccentric world where provocation, pop culture and technical prowess match and mix perfectly.

One can sense in Koons work, the inspiration of the great masters of painting such as Picasso, Dali or Duchamp. Fascinated by the artistic approach of the latter he celebrated him by hiding in his own work many references to the paintings of the master.

From Duchamp, he had borrowed the concept of “ready-made” (or the transformation of an everyday object into art). “The New” his first collection, has been the most influenced by the work of the famous artist. Koons pushed the concept even further as he used « the Cicciolina », his girlfriend at the time, as a "ready-made" for the purpose of its series "Made in Heaven". 

A success story

The reputation of Jeff Koons extends well beyond the circle of art experts. Constantly seeking proximity with the public, the one who once confided his desire to have the same impact on the art world as the Beatles on the music world seems to have been able to pull it off. His designs are extremely successful with the public. From an inflatable stainless dog, to the cover of the latest Lady Gaga's album, J.Koons road to success is definitely out in left field.

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