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Focus on Banksy

Banksy, the English street artist has done it again. The controversial graffiti artist has chosen this time the small town of Clacton-on-Sea for his new creation. A choice clearly not enjoyed by all since the work has been withdrawn by the authorities. This irreverent work according to the authorities, invited the viewer to reflect on the issue of intolerance and racism. The ironic work of art, created with the clever use of stencils, featured pigeons protesting against the presence of a green bird. The grey feathered creatures held signs that read : "Keep off our worms," "Go back to Africa " or  "Migrants not Welcome" The design was erased following a complaint from a local resident who was offended by the work. 


A climate of tension

This is a clear attack on racism and racist behaviors. This comes in the mist of a tense political climate. Immigration is again at the heart of every political debates in England and the UK in general, following the recent Scottish Referendum.

Cleaning services of Clacton-on-Sea admitted they hadn’t realized that it was piece of work from the famous street artist, Banksy. But they maintain that knowing that would not have changed the fate of this artistic creation as it was considered being too subversive. The spokesman for the local authorities said: "We know perfectly well that this is irony and a political satire, but it does not happen to be to everyone's taste."

It is not Banksy first controversy as the icon of urban art became well-known through various happenings such as placing fake art works in London's major museums, or breaking into zoos and amusement parks to place his creations. 


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