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A Friday Dress Up

On Friday, Studio M Academy students were all dress up. The relaxed atmosphere and casual clothes were planned for the rest of the week. Costumes, dresses, high heels and ties were a must have for this Friday Dress Up. An original idea however prohibits the use of paint or sanding foreign materials, as constructed by the teacher Vincent Sabatier.


Night at the museum

Forget about Ben Stiller and the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, this night at the museum is way more fun. Art foundation courses students will be a part of the student night organized by the Musée Fabre on Thursday, February 5, 2015. This event welcomes nearly 2,000 visitors each year and offers animation related to the skills acquired by students during their courses. Students were free to choose the type of animation. The only imperative was that the animation must be inspired by the permanent collection and respect the set theme : “light”.

Students from Montpellier Art School chose to present screen printing, the transfer of an image by light. Young professionals also enter the competition to create the best poster for this event.