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4 artistic applications download

Boost your creativity

Who said that art and technology didn’t mix well together? If one believes that the current trend, it is quite the opposite. From Museum archives that are uploaded online and provides art content for free, to the expand of art and craft applications - it seems fair to say that artistic cultural and digital practices are now more than ever intrinsically linked.

Studio M has done for you a selection of the best free art apps for our students from Lyon Art School who will be able to discover and download those valuable allies throughout  their creative and artistic journey .




Art in your pocket

This app allows you to discover and admire more than 60,000 artworks around the world and stay tuned for exhibitions near you. The work of the great masters of art will have no secret for you. You will also have the ability to activate the keyword search to discover new artists and art work.


Geo Street Art

Your guide to street art

Fascinated by street art, and don’t want to miss a single creation? Geo Street is the solution you have been looking for. This app will provide you with information and detailed plans about any street artwork .


Tayasui Sketches

An electronic sketch

Watercolor or academic drawing, Tayasui Sketches offers a wide range of digital tools and brushes to make any creations on tablet and mobile phone.



Virtual painting

No, painting with your fingers is not a childish activity ! Used by the painter David Hockney, this app allows you to create virtual paintings. Artwork realized using this app by Hockney  were even exposed at the Berger Foundation. One of George Colombo’s work created with Brushes app ended up on the front cover of the famous American magazine " The New Yorker ".


Source: Huffington Post

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