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Bachelor of Arts degree - Webdesign

Course taught in French 


Students undertaking a Bachelor of Arts in multimedia will work on a diverse range of projects including websites and visual presentations. This 3-year course will cover the technical aspects of visual design using the latest digital tools as well as looking at the business approach to projects. 

From website design to presentations, students will learn how to implement visual graphics so that they can be used to communicate ideas, and forge partnerships between individuals and companies. The BA in Multimedia is one of the most important degrees today as the web is now an integral part of many industries. Marketing through the web, using visual communication is how businesses sell their products, and students undertaking this course will be ready for an exciting career that gives them the opportunity to select different industries to work in such as the publishing, film, fashion and music businesses.



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General Studies

• European culture and citizenship • Modern European languages • General professional practices • Communication • Personal and professional development work tools • Contemporary European expression • General professional skills : Creation of a business • Communication technology

Technical Studies

• Artistic expression • Conventional representation of images • Design • Styling • Typography, production and graphics
• Design studio practice • 2D/3D graphics • Multimedia tools • Business projects