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Art Foundation Course

Taught in French 

Preparation for art schools

This is a preparation course for entry into the Applied Arts, and this is an Official French National Education programme | Duration 1 year | Entry Level: All students who have completed their secondary education outside an Applied Arts curriculum.


Entry into the arts...

This course enables the student to learn the basic tools necessary prior to undertaking a specialized diploma level course in any of the following subjects : fashion design, interior design, visual communication, CAP/CAD and multimedia, product design. This can also help students enroll in national French art schools - The Beauxarts, Arts Déco, Camondo, Boulle, Estienne, Olivier de Serres. 


General Studies

• Humanities and techniques of expression • Mathematics and Applied sciences • Modern language • English

Basic Art Studies

• Fine Arts • Drawing • Academic drawing, still life, life drawing • Volumes, colour, modelling techniques • Documents • Civilisation and the technical arts • Applied arts studies (From Roman to Baroque, furniture and interior decoration) • Fine Arts studies (romanticism, impressionism, naturalism, symbolism, cubism, abstraction) • Western art from the 19th and 20th centuries • Study themes within the art of communication • Composition inapplied arts • Visual communication • Writing and publishing • Typography • Artefact and industrial design • Interior and spatial design • Fashion design • Perspectives • Geometric representation • 2D/3D Modelling • Practical work and examples • Groundwork in Computer Aided Publishing (CAP), and Computer Aided Design (CAD)