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Sound technician 

Course taught in French

Sound recordist / live events 

Sound course

If you've ever watched a live event, then you will know that it packs a big punch when it comes to sound. Everything backstage is carefully orchestrated by a team of sound engineers providing audiences with a spectacle they will never forget. The sound engineer is vital in both live events and in the post-production environment and must understand the vast technical knowledge needed to properly mix and record sound.

This professional will also need to understand the physics behind sound acoustics, how it is implied in different situations such as voice recording in a studio versus special effects added to soundtracks at the editing stage. Being able to use the right equipment and possessing a real aptitude towards technical detail is a must to be able to excel in this career. 

There is a big demand for sound technicians in the entertainment industry including post-production on films, sound mixing at concerts and live events, sound design for multimedia presentations, soundtracks and music scores.

This is a 2 year diploma and students will be required to complete a 12 week internship. 


General Learning

• Industry analysis and rights management • English • History of music • The aesthetics of sound

Technical Studies

• Sound technology • Acoustics • Risk management : system analysis and check, electrical standards, cables, soldering, fault detection, networks and computing • Computer music composition, sound design • Live events : concerts, conferences, meetings (amps, feedback loops, EQ, reverb, compressor, gate, analogue and digital recording ). 

• Recording studio • Studio sound checks: via analogue and digital consoles, recording, pre-amp microphones, multitracks, reverb, gate, compressor, patch. • Digital sound and
mixing • Pro-Tools software