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Sound Design

Course taught in French

Become a sound technician 

Sound Technician

When audiences go to watch a live football match or play a movie on their computer, there are sound technicians working behind the scenes to deliver a hiqh quality audio experience. In films there are layers of audio tracks which have been implemented thanks to a team of sound engineers. Sound design is a vital element to finalize the production of programs, live concerts and multimedia presentations. 

Having the technical know-how to carry out these tasks is always a challenge. With this course students will discover techniques used in a professional environment so that they can work diligently on a project in post-production and have the creativity to make unique soundtracks and mixes. Sound design employs many elements, technical and creative, and one must have a good ear for detail. Working on concerts is a big responsibility, as it is important to keep the on-stage performances clean and well mixed with appropriate sound levels. If Lady Gaga is singing and the audience can't hear her voice, then a good sound technician is missing from the team. That's where you come in. 


General Learning

• Expression and communication • Analysis techniques • Literary and Artistic background • English • Applied physical sciences • Industry standards and rights

Technical Studies

• Equipment technology and different formats • Sound equipment set-ups • Sound recording in a studio and reports • Sound editing, post-synchronisation • Mixing, post-production • Broadcasting, soundtracks • Technical implementation • Preparation for full professional exam • Producing sound projects * Preparatory teaching in September including 2 extra hours a week during the first year.


Audio post-production : Dividesign, Pro-tools – Digital and analogue consoles