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Radio Host

Course taught in French

Become a radio presenter

Course on radio presenting


If you've tuned into your local radio station you may recognise that voice on the early morning show. Every time you change the frequency you tap into a different program, but each has its own voice, and unique sense of style. The role of a radio presenter is to master the voice of programs and build a connection with listeners so they will keep coming back for more. It's a multi-faceted role that requires a good eye for detail and an imaginative spirit who can bring something to the table. Good humour is often a winner when it comes to show hosts, or those with strong opinions and a real sense of unique vision and influential talent. Conceiving programs will be a big part of this course, from working on producing material for live shows to writing transcripts and improvising on the go with an audience Q and A. 

With the explosion of Internet and FM radio, the radio presenter has become an essential 'celebrity', both for the station and the production and sound studios who provide services for programs.

Studio M offers this course in Montpellier and Ho Chi Minh as a 1-year diploma which includes a 6 week professional internship. A jury made up of professionals will judge students at the end of their year depending on their achievements. 


General Studies

• Legal administration and writing • Cultural current affairs and the media • History of radio • History of music • English • Understanding the contemporary world • Humanities • Political science

Technical Studies

• The language of radio and animation • Media trends • Advertising regulations • Improvisation • Personal style • Radio station installation • Writing and radio interview techniques. • Studio editing • Production • Software for program editing and mixing • Presenting a programme • Radio investigation • Prioritisation of information :Techniques applied to television • Program and television language  • Theatre • Interview techniques • Writing techniques