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Course taught in French  | School Certificate | Duration : 1 year under vocational training status. | Entry level: possible after a 2-year post baccalaureate photography course; admission on artist’s portfolio + interview.

In addition to the extra specialisation tuition, the course aims to provide the student with support in the form of tutoring and help him or her complete an individual artistic and technical project that forms part of a personal and professional approach. In addition to the photographic and visual production, visits by a certain number of lecturers, essayists, photographers, visual artists and exhibition organisers are planned as part of the course.

The student’s photographic and visual production is a key aspect of the specialisation in which the project is individually monitored and tutored. It’s a major opportunity for research and creation.



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►Compose a light painting.

►Process images in video mode.

►Use web techniques for photography.

►Create an event image.

►Organise a shoot.

►Choose and build up a professional portfolio.

Vocational tuition

Advanced professional studio photography: portrait, object, advert • Fashion shoot • Architecture and long-exposure photography • Animal photography • Creative studios and light painting • Advanced techniques for B&W • Video for a photographer • Presence and website design for a photographer.

20 hours a week of (Classes / tutorials / practical work / lectures) + minimum 8 hours a week of independent research work.

Supervised by the teaching staff throughout the year, the student will be required to write a research dissertation which will be assessed by a panel of professionals at the end of the year.

The student must cover the cost of the photography equipment (silver halide camera body and digital camera body) and all the supplies required to complete his/her project (rolls of silver film, memory card, external hard disk, silver photo paper, digital photo paper, personal computer, etc.).