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Practical Photography : Become a professional photographer

Course taught in French 

Develop your creativity

Photography course

Photography is a vital tool in the entertainment industry, in publishing, for creating marketing materials and is used as a promotional tool. A picture tells a thousand words and the role of a professional photographer is to be able to deliver high quality work to clients that match the criteria of brands along with a creative flair, and the technical aptitude to deliver a diverse range of work for different purposes. The work of a photographer defines the brand image and message conveyed within each picture. 

With a mixture of theory and practical exercises, students will be given a fully immersive experience, learning the process of photography production to working on photo shoots and delivering materials to clients. Each process mixes a blend of technical and creative teaching, as it is important for photographers to understand the importance of both and their practical application in the professional world. 


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Technical Studies

• Fine Arts • History of art and photography • Aesthetics of images • Semiotics, signs and symbols • Iconography • Technology • English • Image rights • Professional credentials • Framing • 24×36, medium format, photographic chambers • Studio shoots (fashion, advertising, portrait, industrial) • Working with natural, artificial lighting (architecture, reporting, event photography) • Laboratory development : B/W / colour / • digital tools • Photo correcting • Photoshop techniques • 2D Computer graphics & editing • Shooting, image manipulation • Printing • Making a photographic portfolio.n book.


Illustrator, Photoshop, Capture One, Lightroom, Bridge, Camera Raw, Silver Fast, Indesign