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Bachelor of Arts : Creator - Designer

Course taught in French

Higher vocational certificate.| Duration: 3 years. Student status. |Entry level: Vocational baccalaureate AMA, baccalaureate STD2A, other baccalaureates on application and interview.

8-week company placement. |This course has been awarded the IDEL art-culture quality label *.

The Creator-Designer is capable of making the best possible use of volumes and giving them an aesthetic, harmonious treatment, while the Decorator develops the space and gives it a new image.

By combining the two functions, students can develop a professional versatility that will enable them to work in a wide variety of areas and jobs.

Interior Decorator, decorating coach, housing consultant for home staging, make-over specialist and set designer are just some of the specialist areas in which a Creator-designer may operate.


School of design


  • Use home staging to add value to a property.
  • Use visual merchandising to lay out a sales area.
  • Change the atmosphere in a space – trompe-l’oeil, wall coverings – using colours, textures and accessories.
  • Carry out a conversion project using overall plans, detailed plans and specifications.
  • Create a space taking the following into account: user-friendliness, decoration, light, space and atmosphere.
  • Respond to the request according to the context, technical constraints, the customer’s requirement and personality and changes in contemporary fashions.
  • Coordinate the work of professionals, make sure the site is running smoothly, keep to deadlines and the budget and comply with standards and regulations.



Vocational tuition

Interior design • Interior decoration • Home staging • Space design • Object design • Fashion design • Mock-up • Merchandising • Event staging • Design studio.

Theoretical tuition

History of Design • Visual expression • Technical drawing • Conventional Representation Methods: perspective, rough, mock-up • Knowledge of materials and regulatory standards • Computer graphics • Economics & administration • English.



Decorator, artistic advisor, CAD creator, set designer, town planner, ephemeral space designer, events designer, artisan designer, freelance, CAD designer …