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Design courses

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Formation design

Becoming a designer requires a practical as well as a methodological approach in order to create the final result. There are many steps to take before the final product or design can be achieved, and it is within this process that a person can discover their artistic abilities and create some truly unique designs from using learned techniques. A designer must be able to create a concept from its inception with aesthetic values, and functionality, as well as taking into consideration the cultural, and symbolic qualities of its appearance. Also, understanding the complexities of production is part of ensuring that the final result is what the designer has visualised from the start, which makes this process detailed but a very rewarding, creative experience. 

The designer can create objects, textures, rooms, furniture or even murals, that are created to make optical illusions. This can be done on a small or a big scale depending on the specific direction but what is most important outside of the production is to consider the cultural as well as the social and economic context of its application. 

Studio M offers several design courses in these areas with specialised training:

Bachelor Of Arts - Interior Design

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