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Director / Editor course

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Working on productions and shooting films


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Ever heard of Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Sofia Coppola or Tim Burton? These inspiring individuals have directed some of the most iconic films over the past few decades. Being in the director's seat is one of the most diverse and challenging roles in film production. He/she is the visionary that brings all the production elements together from the first written word on a script to the last credit role of the final movie. From feature length films to short videos, film directors work with their production team to translate script to video. This process involves understanding how to manage a film crew as well as excel in technical and creative areas such as shooting styles, directing actors, and using green screen studios. 

Our course includes several course modules that will cover editing, camera techniques, live studio shoots, film production, interior and exterior shooting, how to work with actors and much more. Film diploma students can also collaborate with other sections of Studio M to help make their final film projects. You can get in contact with us to find out more about the school and how we can help you prepare your studies.

Studio M offers this course at its Lyon and Montpellier schools. 

Students will have to complete a 10 week company internship to complete the course and must posses a high school BAC / A level equivalent to apply. 

Graduates will be able to work as film directors in TV and cinema as well as for production companies shooting commercials. 



Technical Studies

• Shooting, lighting and sound recording, film editing

• Preparation techniques : framing, location planning • Casting

• Workshops for directing actors • Storyboarding • Copyright issues, Author rights • film finance

• Development and production of scripts • Screenwriting techniques, character development • Film analysis and the History of Cinema • Industry practices • English • Film production

(documentary, fiction, advertising, video reports)