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Technicians working in the film industry

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Camera, editing, sound and film production

Audiovisual course

Film and TV production encompasses many different technical elements working together. From a sound engineer to the special effects editor, each video production is unique with its own sets of challenges. 

Studio M offers a range of specialised diplomas to give students the tools to learn technical as well as creative production skills. From our TV and green screen studios to our editing suites, we offer our students the latest equipment so that they can be technically proficient to excel in their chosen career paths with a professional staff with real industry experience. Why not have a look at our courses and find out more on what we can offer you today. 


General Studies

• French • English • Humanities • Economics, management, rights • Applied visual arts

Technical Studies

Video Theory • light, photometry, color / Image analysis / Signal testing / Different systems: composite, componants, SDI / camera technology / Film set practices / Multi angle, multi-camera platforms / Online and offline editing / Sound theory • Sound physics / Microphone technology / Analogue and digital console technology / Peripherals  :
compressers and multi-effects / Acoustics. Framing techniques • Professional camcorder use  / Production and multi-camera, lighting for fiction, reports, indoor and exterior. / Light effects. Editing • Post production tools / Live shoots / Measuring image vectors: Oscillascope, histograms / Narritive editing / AVID editing techniques / On set applications for reporting, film production and music promos/ Credits using after effects / Digital compositing • Sound / Radio mics / Microphone uses, on set equipment and cables /  Post-production software: Protools / Film analysis • Theory of movement and image