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Audiovisual courses

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The audiovisual domain is vast bringing together a wide variety of creative elements around image and sound (editing, production, directing, artistic techniques, specialised equipment and so on) There are many careers within this domain in the entertainment industry such as in TV, the movies, video games and multimedia including websites. 

Each of these artistic domains pose a unique challenge and students must be capable of bringing an artistic touch to their work so that they can excel in their specific specialisation. TV programming is one such area where editors are needed to work on regular shows and dramas. Film directors are also in high demand because the video market continues to expand globally as well as cinema and websites. 

Studio M centres offer professional courses in audiovisual training providing students with hiqh quality teaching along with the latest equipment and tools to give them the technical as well as artistic skills to work in the creative industries. 

Audiovisual Courses 

Director / Editor course


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