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Course taught in french

3 years courses

Higher vocational certificate. |Duration: 3 years. Student status.|Entry level: Vocational baccalaureate AMA, baccalaureate STD2A, other baccalaureates on application and interview.|8-week company placement. |This course has been awarded the IDEL art-culture quality label *.

This intensive course is for creative students, passionate about the video game sector. It trains them in the methods, technologies and tools used in the development studios today.Depending on their specialisation, students will be able to help produce 3D characters and sets, animate them and integrate the data into the game’s real-time engine. When assembled, the different components can be used to make up an environment designed by the students themselves.

The professions in this sector are divided into different families:

• Creation, the storyline professions, which determine what the player will experience in the game.

• Artistic creation, the artistic professions, which define the visual aspect of the game.

• Interactivity, which will allow the player to interact with the environment in which the game is taking place.



  •  Choose the methods to be used to carry out the project and make a mock-up according to the client’s requirements.
  •  Produce the story-board.
  •  Model the graphic components and staging of the volumes, objects and characters.
  •  Define the textures, colours, framing and lighting.
  •  Animate the game components: reproduce the movements, define trajectories, manage collisions...
  •  Integrate the visual and sound effects or text.

Vocational tuition

Drawing (Character Design, Environment Design) • 2D computer graphics (Texturing, Graphic Design, GUI Design, Layout) • 3D computer graphics: Modelling, UV/Mapping, Rigging/Setup • Animation • Surfacing • Lighting/rendering • Dynamics • Scripting • Digital sculpture • Real-time engine / prototyping • Playtest • Compositing/ VFX.

Theoretical tuition

History of video games • Game analysis • Game Design • Level Design • Game documents (Bible, Game Concept, Game Design document) • User-friendliness • Production management, Pipeline set-up • Team management • Production monitoring • Business English.



Concept designer, game designer, level designer, gameplay designer, system/content designer, economic designer, level builder, character designer, environment designer, texture artist, 3D computer graphics designer, 3D character artist, environment / 3D prop artist, 3D rigger, 3D animator, surfacer / lighter, real-time computer graphics designer.