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Bachelor of Arts - 3D Animation Course 

Course taught in French

3D Animation Courses and illustration: The visual concept artist

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3D Animation is a booming business and because companies are looking to market their services on the web, short films and animations have become very popular. The use of 2D and 3D graphics is particularly important in promotional videos and advertisements for brands. As of this year there is currently a lack of qualified candidates on the market which gives new talents an opportunity to pursue one of the most in-demand creative jobs today. 

The Bachelor of Arts - 3D Animation course is a European diploma available to students who have completed their high school studies. This degree covers the full spectrum of graphic design and students will complete a 6 week internship with a company before they graduate. 

This 3-year degree, accredited by the European Federation of schools is available at our Montpellier, Toulouse, Lyon and Saigon schools. 

Students undertaking this course will be proficient in 2D and 3D animation, having completed several film projects during the course. They will also choose their own creative direction and specialization. 

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Course Modules

Students will be given technical training as well as theory classes to prepare them for their final year projects, and so that they have the skills to work in a professional working environment once they graduate: 

General Studies

• European culture and citizenship • Modern European languages • General professional practices : Communication and business ethics • Personal and professional development work tools • General knowledge of contemporary European expression • Professional work skills : Creation of a business • Cinematography • Scriptwriting techniques

Technical Studies

• Academic drawings • Illustration & storyboards - cartoons • Artistic expression • Basic design/ Perspective •  2D/3D graphics : animation, modelling, texturing

• Stop Motion • Digital compositing/ matte • Editing

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