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Studio M Academy - Arts, Media, Photography and Sound 

Founded in 1990 by professional photographers Studio M rapidly diversified its courses in the areas of Art, Media, Photography and Sound and has become one of France's top schools for the arts thanks to its large range of professional courses.

The school grew rapidly over several years and opened up several campuses in France's top university towns including Lyon in 2003 and Toulouse in 2007.Today Studio M is an international group of art schools including an international campus, in Saigon. 

 Courses opened to all our international students:

Courses at Studio M (Visual communication, Sound Design, Photography and Multimedia) will give our students the abilities of bringing exceptional value to creative solutions in order to be fully prepared to work in a professional environment. Studio M understands the importance of providing diplomas and degrees that are internationally recognised and offers accredited diplomas by the European Federation of Schools.

What's on? 

  • Spacial design student - 4L trophy


    Alexis Duc Martin, a third year student in Spacial design at Lyon art school is taking part in the 4L Trophy which will take place from 19 February to 1 March 2015.

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  • Broadcasts and student’s work

    Broadcasts and student’s work

    Throughout the year, Studio M students have learnt to master all the essential techniques of radio production. Our young prodigies have become professionals at interviews, sound design and animation techniques.

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  • Workshop creation and realization of murals

    Workshop creation and realization of murals

    As part of a week of work supervised by art teacher Mr Tixier, Art foundation course and 3D students were able to practice the creation and implementation of murals.

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  • Guide formation
  • Plateforme stages et emplois