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Studio M Academy - Arts, Media, Photography and Sound 

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                                                       Montpellier and Lyon, FRANCE

Founded in 1990 by professional photographers Studio M rapidly diversified its courses in the areas of Art, Media, Photography and Sound and has become one of France's top schools for the arts thanks to its large range of professional courses.

The school grew rapidly over several years and opened up several campuses in France's top university towns including Lyon in 2003 and Toulouse in 2007.Today Studio M is an international group of art schools including an international campus, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. In 2013, Studio M launched a new international campus in Montpellier called Studio M Academy to welcome English speaking students from around the world seeking to learn the arts and the media in France. 


NEWS FLASH: Studio M Montpellier is relocating his Campus! A new school is being built ...follow the work-in-progress.




 Courses opened to all our international students:


Courses at Studio M (Fine Arts, Sound Design, Photography and Multimedia) will give our students the abilities of bringing exceptional value to creative solutions in order to be fully prepared to work in a professional environment. Studio M understands the importance of providing diplomas and degrees that are internationally recognised and offers accredited diplomas by the European Federation of Schools in the following areas: 

  • Audiovisual school in France

    Studio M, a fully qualified course profider AVID

    AVID is a high technology producer behind prestigious films such as Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man or Game of Thrones.

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  • Studio M photographs exhibited

    A visual feast

    Carol Letanneur, photographer and former student at Studio M, exhibits her work at the European festival of contemporary photography from 2-12 march 2013 at Montpellier.

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  • Audiovisual courses in France

    Tikno Swing

    A group of a dozen Studio M students have carried out a multicam project at the television studio on a jazz group called ManoucheTikno Swing.

    Read more: Tikno Swing

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